onsdag 22 januari 2014

English Hunger

Discussion questions:
What would you do if you were the boy?
Why do you think the mean boys doing what they do?
If you were the boy’s mother, had you said the same thing as here, if not what have to said?
Do you think that the boys mother and father is foes?
Why are the boys mother pushing him so hard?

Creatic connector:
Today can be an example what happining in real life.
That can abolutely happend now.
It hadn’t happend me but it can happen the best one.
It happend a lot that gang try to be cool like all the time and then they push people they don’t now and think they are weak.
People like the boy don’t want to go out alone because they are afraid to be push or maybe teased.
The same about girl of course.
So all that what’s writen in the text can happen.

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