onsdag 12 februari 2014

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time | English

Discussion questions:
Why do you think the police belive that Christopher killed the dog?
Who do you think killed the dog?
If you had a dog and it's been murdered, what would you have done?
Why do the police asking so many questions?
Why do you think the dog was christopher's only friend?

Creative connector:
If you compare the story with us, it is not very much difference, the police can absolutely behave like that and a boy can absolutely have asperger's syndrome. 
Here the world is perhaps not the most common murdering a dog, but it absolutely can happen and has happened a lot of times. 
There is probably no one who thinks this is anything further except that which is the guilty.

I've never seen a dead dog in front of me or in general a set, I have only heard of a few dogs died, but in the paper I have seen that there has been something about the dogs for a long time ago. 

Being in the police is nothing I usually just but a police officer who has been so-so hurry, I have never encountered.

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