onsdag 21 maj 2014

Questions for the written individual task | English

*What would you say are the key themes of the film? Do you feel that the film really deals with the questions it raises?
I think that the movie want to show the world that it’s maybe going to be as that is the future.
That people maybe looks like that and work like that and don’t understand that good as us and if i can say that they don’t have any understandful brains.

*What does Jordan mean when she says, ‘The Island is real. It’s us. ‘What, if anything, is this saying about the human hope for some paradise of for heaven?
I think that everyone that has been choosen before maybe didn’t come to ’‘The Island’’ because it doesn’t excist, it was maybe just the other world outside the labb where Jordan, Lincoln and the others worked.

And in the end when all of the worked get out of the big work labb they can see like a paradise, maybe that it’s like the Island, just not in the labb, Jordan and Lincoln was outside the labb somtimes and i think that out of the labb is like ’‘The Island’’

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